One More Time: Turning Trash into Treasures

Seven years ago, J.T. Marburger was not all that familiar with recycling. Today, he knows more about recycling and turning recyclable material into consumer goods than most.

GSU Students Help Turn Bottles into Clothes

Students at Georgia Southern University have more of an incentive to recycle plastic bottles.

The University has joined forces with a major recycling company to turn bottles into clothes!

GSU Students Give Trash Another Chance, Getting Cool Clothing in Return

There are many advantages to a new recycling program underway at Georgia Southern University.

As always, old stuff that might otherwise be thrown away gets recycled. But this time, students also get a chance to see exactly where the used products go, and how they’re turned into useful, even stylish new products.

Renew Merchandise, Georgia Southern University Partner to Create Cutting Edge Apparel From Recycled Bottles Program

Georgia Southern University and its College of Business are partnering with Renew Merchandise, one of the world’s leaders in turning recyclables into clothes, to begin offering Georgia Southern licensed apparel made from Georgia Southern recycled plastic bottles.
“We are very excited that Georgia Southern, my alma mater, has decided to join our fast-growing list of partners,” said Renew president J.T. Marburger. “We want students involved in the project to gain real world experience while being eco-minded, and this is a great way to do both.”

A Company That Turns Plastic Bottles Into Clothes

That plastic bottle you just tossed into the recycling bin could end up in your closet. Think of it as locavore recycling. Virginia-based apparel outfit Renew Merchandise contracts with recycling plants to process their big clients’ bottles into flakes or pellets of plastic resin.

An American Original

Sports business Renaissance man Harvey Schiller has built a unique and amazing career by asking the question, ‘What is next?’